Nina is a designer specialising in graphics and textile design with a passion for colour and texture. It all began back when she was more interested in the interior design for her barbies than actually playing with them. Carefully stapling the stuffing into scrap purple velour to make a couch for her barbies, Nina began her love of design.
Nina loves to create branding for startups or rebranding existing businesses. Through mini branding workshops Nina works with her clients to form basis for the branding concept. With research and sketching, a unique logo concept is developed. Clients are always the most happy when they are a part of the process. 
Nina has completed a bachelor of design in graphics and textiles at COFA, University of New South Wales. Nina has since had a range of design roles graphic and textile designer for fast fashion, branding and web design for a digital agency and currently textile designer for a beach and bath towel manufacturer.
Nina is currently freelancing specialising in branding design and surface design. 
Textile Design
- Surface design
- Motif & Repeat patterns
- Illustration

Branding Style guides
- Logos
- Business cards
- Email signatures
- Print ready marketing collateral 

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